The tree roots extend out from the mainline to the tower

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The tree roots extend out from the mainline to the tower, it is possible to see two ladders, the second with an opponent next to it. It's best to deal with enemies within range so that you don't risk falling off. Follow the roots to the top of the tower, and then the upper of both ladders, and then climb up.

Don't climb the second ladder directly after the first. Instead, you can use Torrent to double leap over the gap on the arched path to the right. The ladder is at the end of the path instead.

From the uppermost point on the ladder and continue to follow the path through the tower. Use Torrent's double jump to get across any gaps, taking care as there are some that are difficult to anticipate. You'll be able to see a sign of grace at near the end of the track.

The stairs to the north of the area of grace lead you to the activation spot of Radahn's Great Rune. For the Godslayer's Greatsword you must turn south, then take the stairs down. Keep an eye out for the two Redmane soldiers at the bottom, and one is hidden just around the corner.

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