It is the Standard Gilded Altar method for OSRS

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Congratulations! OSRS gold is likely that you have decided on your option to reach the desired level of prayer for Oldschool Runescape. But, if you're not made a decision yet, these sections will focus on tips and my personal opinion on each method described in the previous section. It is the Standard Gilded Altar method: For the typical casual player this is the most appropriate selection. It's possible to also perform this by using Rimmington's house portal. Rimmington house portal instead of Yanille. I am not a fan of Rimmington however , as there are usually fewer hosts active. The hosts offering this service for players are regular players . They primarily provide this service in order for the sake of helping the community. It is important to keep in mind is that what they're performing isn't a free service for them. They put in the time and money keeping the fires burning beside the altar. To remember that you are always welcome to donate whatever you're able or willing to pay to the host to show appreciation for their commitment and kindness. It's the Chaos Temple Altar method: This is a great method when you're low in combat or have a partner or two that would be willing to help protect yourself while using the altar's bones. The area is extremely dangerous due to the high volumes of player killers that come regularly to make a profit on those who are digging up the bones. This is not my favorite method of training prayer as I do not think that there is a better risk than reward because you will most likely end up dying multiple times during the way to 99 Prayer. Losing that much money back can be very disheartening. The ensouled head method: This is hands down the best option for mid-level ironman accounts as ironman accounts cannot purchase bones or ensouled head from players or even the Grand Exchange. You should save every ensouled piece of head you can find during your training and use them often and you'll receive 99 prayer overtime quite easily without having to camp specific monsters , like dragons, for several hours or until you lose the passion for the game. Buy OSRS gold that grant prayer experience You are able to complete the quests listed below for prayer experience. Be sure to check out the rewards that come with each of the quests before beginning them to ensure that you will not be messing the account of any kind. Complete these quests will allow you to go from level 1 to level 43 prayer for a total amount of time of 54.431 Prayer points earned for free. Get RuneScape gold (RS07, RS3). Fast order confirmation, full refund if needed, safe and cheap trustworthy transactions. Buy, sell or swap your gold. Fantastic support. If you have any questions about service complaint, please visit
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