Zodiac signs daily horoscope today latest update

Just after midnight, Mars aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, causing suppressed passions to erupt! While this aspect started building over the past few days, we’ve been living in a pressure cooker. Mounting tensions are particularly felt in intimate relationships, where arguments reflect resentments simmering below surface exchanges.

4. Mar 2022
Zodiac signs daily horoscope today latest update

One person may seek to gain the upper hand on the other through manipulation tactics or outright threats. Some aggression can be transmuted through sex, but beware of power imbalances. In business, this transit can be used to complete personal projects, just be mindful that any actions taken on the way to the finish line are above-board. Strive to lead through inspiration, not domination.


At 3:37 a.m.: The moon is conjunct Neptune

In the pre-dawn hours, the Pisces moon conjuncts Neptune, stimulating confusion. Our intuition can lead us astray at this time, sending us down the primrose path of our own idealism. Belief is a powerful intoxicant, and we could assume that our problems will sort themselves out on their own. We might not be in the headspace to make sound judgment calls, but acknowledge this fact and table important decisions and discussions for another time.