Missile attack on bangladeshi ship new update

Fears continue to rise for the ships caught in the fighting in Ukraine with additional reports of vessels coming under attack or being stopped in the region. On Thursday morning, reports from Bangladesh indicate that a third engineer was killed by an artillery or missile attack near Mykolaiv.

4. Mar 2022
Missile attack on bangladeshi ship new update

The bulker Banglar Samriddhi, a four-year-old bulker registered in Bangladesh was reported stranded at the anchorage off the Port of Olvia, located in the Mykolaiv region on the northern Black Sea coast. The 38,800 dwt vessel said that it had a crew of 29 with supplies to last no more than two weeks. After the beginning of the war, the crew reported that they were stranded when Ukraine closed its seaports. They called on the Bangladesh government to take the steps necessary to rescue them, and the Bangladesh Shipping Corporation said that its chartering department was working to move the vessel to a safe location.


The Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority is reporting that the vessel was struck earlier today by one Russian missile hitting the superstructure of the vessel. The Ukrainian authorities reported that two tugs were sent to assist the vessel and that they believed there were no injuries among the crew.


However, two Bangladeshi newspapers, The Business Standard and the Financial Express, report that the third engineer of the vessel was killed during the attack. The reports said that the crew was able to control the fire after the vessel was hit and that the other crew members were uninjured.