indiana school teacher slaps student.

An Indiana school teacher was no longer allowed on school grounds after surveillance footage showed him slapping a student last week, according to the district.

4. Mar 2022
indiana school teacher slaps student.

Former Jimtown High School teacher Mike Hosinski delivered an open-handed slap to a student on Friday after confronting the student about a hoodie, Baugo Community Schools said in a press release published by NBC affiliate WNDU. The district said the student "suffered visible injuries."


Video of the incident appears to show Hosinski grabbing the student by their backpack before shoving them against a wall and then slapping the student.


The student, who was not identified, appears to have hit their head against the wall from the force of the blow and falls to the ground seconds later.


NBC News was unable to reach Hosinski through email or phone for a request for comment.


Hosinski is no longer employed at Baugo Community Schools, not permitted on school grounds and has been reported to the Indiana Department of Education.


"Any action that threatens to harm any student will be quickly, directly, and severely addressed," the district said in the release. "All Jimmies must be able to learn in a safe environment."


The Indiana Department of Child Services and the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the matter, according to WNDU.