How do I get my disabled Facebook account back?

Facebook accounts can often become inactive due to community violations. But there is no reason to worry. I

24. Jan 2022
How do I get my disabled Facebook account back?

It is possible to get it back through the application process. Facebook will consider your account only if you provide name, proof of identity and explanation of specific issues in the appeal form. In today's tips, what to do if Facebook ID becomes inactive



That is why the account is inactive


Your account may be deactivated by Facebook if you use it in a way that violates their terms and standards. This includes using fake names, disguising oneself, sending spam messages and harassing other users.


Make sure your account has been deactivated


Go to the link Log in with username and password. Can you apply for recovery only if you see a message like 'Your account has been deactivated'?


X Appeal to get the inactive account back


Visit the Official Appeal Form for Inactive Personal Account: 


If you think your account has been accidentally deactivated, you can use this form to get their attention.



Enter the e-mail address or phone number


Use the e-mail address or phone number used in the inactive account. Must have access to this e-mail account or phone number. Because Facebook will use it to communicate with you.


Enter the full name


In the 'Your Full Name' field, type the name that was mentioned in your Facebook account. Even if Facebook cancels your account for not using your real name, you will still have the opportunity to explain the situation.


Upload an ID card picture


This could be your driving license, birth registration, learner's permit, immigration card, tribal identity or status card, official name change documents and passport or other government ID. What to do next-


1. Take a picture of the ID card. Take pictures of both front and back if not blank.


2. Transfer pictures or images to computer or phone.


3. Click on Choose Files.


4. Select image to upload


5. Click on Open


Explain the situation


Write the information that you should report to Facebook in the 'Additional Info' at the bottom of the page. Be polite and make sure Facebook understands that you are planning to correct or change offensive behavior. If your real name is different from Facebook, let Facebook know why. For example, if you are in the process of changing the name, clear it.


Click on Send


It is at the bottom right of the form. Facebook will send you a message if it decides to deactivate. There will be your active account.