What's going on with all the complaints about Madden 23 and franchise mode?

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The hashtag Repair MaddeFranchise has been the 3rd-most popular trending topic in the U.S. earlier today, to the point where Wendy's (obviously ) got in on it. Looks like they virtually nothing. No new features included, no removed attributes returning. Even worse, their listing of changes to the mode literally reads like patch notes (ie"fixed X obscure bug"). Madden has been neglecting to improve for decades, and they probably never will, as they don't have any financial incentive to do so.

They have the exclusive NFL license and the Ultimate Team mode is profitable, and they will be successful until football dies since their viewers is casual gamers. Yes it is. The nfl revived the permit for simulation soccer. Disgusting. Still mad over EA buying the permit. It is actually more interesting than that.

Before 2005/2006 the NFL license was not exclusive to any 1 company, and sports leagues authorized to whoever had the money. Sega was publishing the 2K sports games since the Dreamcast, and they were the ONLY franchise collection for many pro sports available on the consoles of their early-mid 2000's, after departing the console business, them going multiplatform.

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